Please Note; Dates and timings are subject to change. Classes are open to everyone unless otherwise stated. Announcements will also be made in training as well as on our Facebook page. If you do not wish to continue on a course, you must let us know so the space can be opened. 


Please note: our centre is also hired by external parties that offer training. This will be clearly written within the class descriptions. The timetable for these classes may be slightly different. Please call the corresponding trainer if you are unsure before booking. CLASS TIMETABLE

September Term Dates

These last few months have been a bit of a nightmare to timetable due to illness, so
hopefully we can get a couple of terms in before the Christmas break. I think I’ve
calculated correctly in terms of how many weeks instructors were missing due to illness

END DATES; Rebecca’s Agility Classes - Monday 23rd August - Tuesday 24th August -
Wednesday 25th August - Thursday 26th August. Dawn - Tuesday Agility Classes
Tuesday 24th August. Ema’s Agility Classes Wednesday 25th August. Kellys Agility
Classes Wednesday 1st September - Thursday 2nd September. (No class 26th August).
- Friday 3rd September. (No class 27th August) Sunday 22nd August. Anthony's Agility
Classes Friday 10th September.

Johns Scentwork Classes; Group A - Monday 28th June, 12th July, 16th August, 30th
August; Group B - Monday 5th July, 26th July, 9th August, 13th September

The next term dates are below. Please only take note of your instructor and day.

The prices and dates will vary, we ask for payment at least one week before the class starts
to secure your space. If you know you won’t be continuing, please let us know, as this
gives us a chance to fill any spaces. If no payment is received we will assume you no

longer want the space.

Fees are reduced to account for the missing weeks. If you believe the fee isn’t correct,
let me know, organising several different timetables can sometimes be a little tricky, if
your term is longer than 8 weeks - it is to account for the weeks you aren’t timetabled
to train.

Rebecca’s Agility Classes. 8 weeks.
Monday 13th September - Monday 8th November - £70 per dog.
Tuesday 14th September - Tuesday 9th November - £60 per dog.
Wednesday 15th September - Wednesday 10th November - £60 per dog.
6.00pm class
Thursday 16th September - Thursday 11th November - £60 per dog.
Rebecca - no classes W/C 4th Oct.

Dawn - Tuesday Agility Classes. 8 weeks £50 per dog
Tuesday 14th September - Tuesday 9th November - (no class 29th Oct)

Ema’s Agility Classes. £80 per dog. 8 weeks.
Wednesday 15th September - Wednesday 3rd November

Kellys Agility Classes. 8 weeks.
Wednesday 8th September - Wednesday 27th October - £70 per dog.
Thursday 9th September - Thursday 4th November (no class 14th Oct) £60 per dog.
Friday 10th September - Friday 12th November (no class 15th Oct, 29th Oct) £60 per
Sunday 12th September - Sunday 7th November. £70 per dog.

Anthony's Agility Classes - £80 per dog. 8 weeks.
Friday 17th September - Friday 5th November

Johns Scentwork Classes. 4 weeks.
Group A - last class is 30th August. Then 20th Sep, 11th Oct, 25th Oct, 8th Nov
Group B - last class is 13th September. Then 27th Sep, 18th Oct, 1st Nov, 15th Nov


Payment details are below; please use your name as reference
BACS Details: Bank Account 20-23-81 Account Number 63352307

Other things going on at Raven River DTC

Sunday 29th August. Rally Beginners Workshop £30 per dog. Booking on the website.
10am-12pm or 12.30pm-2.30pm. https://www.northumberlanddogtraining.com/


Our team is also involved in The North East Dog Festival which takes place at Kirkley
Hall on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th September. Tickets are on sale online.