Podge to [Hopefully] Pro

Week 4 I think Bracken had a little lightbulb moment this evening and finally realised how much fun agility can be! We began by building up her confidence with the tunnel using plenty praise and chicken, then had a go at linking the first few jumps and tunnel together.

Bracken was still interested in where the chicken was going to come from, but was far more engaged in the actual task in hand and bounced about the ring with a real spring in her step. Between our turns we practiced calmness in the crate, which is slowly improving and some shaping around a cone. Shaping with the cone is something we've been working on at home this week and it's been great to see Bracken's little brain having to work out what I want her to do. I may be crazy here (not much doubt) but she looks so pleased with herself when she gets things right.

By the end of tonight's session we were linking together 12 obstacles with good focus and very little hesitation from Bracken. Hopefully she will continue to achieve more and more each week and keep enjoying the classes. I certainly enjoy a Thursday evening, and once we are home I have time to chill out as I have 2 very sleepy spaniels!



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